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andrea morrison

I have always been intrigued by ancient and modern arts of healing and enjoyed my college studies in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and especially massage therapy. Massage feels like a natural fit as intuition is one of my highest strengths. I love experiencing a life flow of energy as it is exchanged and directed and allow healing to emerge.

During my professional years, I also operated a sport nutrition store which was another layer in preparing me for my own business. But probably the most influential part of my history was my long successful dental hygiene career that gave me an advantage for my business and sets me apart. This brought an extensive knowledge of head and neck anatomy, respect for health and safety measures, pain control and the clinical experience to confidentaly manipulate fine sharp instruments working fastidiously on delicate areas while ensuring patients comfort.

All these paths have led me to the ultimate joy of building my own business. I’ve found a deep satisfaction through accessing all my knowledge into one collaboration, and it’s made it possible to provide only the highest quality experience for my clients. Most recently, I’m working toward certification of French aromatic medicine with use of essential oils—which reaches beyond skin deep. It’s all very exciting and I look forward to sharing with my clients!

lustre is a dream realized

Lustre provides me the ability to channel my desire for creativity and I enjoy creating a restorative nurturing soulful environment for my guests. I find it life-giving. One of my favorite adages is ‘Everything is made beautiful in it’s perfect time’. Through my history of occupations, pursuits of personal study and innate desire to nurture, Lustre has emerged in its perfect time.

A person needs to be treated as a whole. This is where I offer more than a typical salon or spa.

Our skin, mind and body alike, will thrive from nature if we pay attention and listen... I owe a lot of my health and beauty mindset to my parents who developed a self-sustaining farm. Because of this, I value the taste of authentic organic food and have learned to respect the quality of what I put into my body.

I am exercising this knowledge at Lustre by selecting only quality products. Because what we put on our skin is ingested by the body and then becomes a part of us. This revelation drives my philosophy for Lustre, only the very best for my clients!

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